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Frequently asked questions;

 Who stands behind this vacation?
Global Fantasies is the world's leading provider of erotic vacations. We have been in operation for over 20 years and are associated with the worlds premium businesses, such as Penthouse Magazine. With our many years of experience, global locations and the world's most stunning girls...we can definitely provide you with an unforgettable erotic vacation. Its your life...enjoy it.

 Are these services legal?
Absolutely, as we only operate in countries and regions where it is legal. As the world's leading provider of erotic services we work hard in making sure our ladies, agents and affiliates, provide quality, as well as legal services.

 When's a good time to visit?
Most times of the year are good for a visit, trust us when we say that our girls can make any weather pleasurable. The spring, summer, & fall offer the most temperate opportunities to explore Prague, but winter sleighing in a horse drawn carriage in Prague's beautiful snow covered countryside is extremely romantic.

  What about communication? How is confidentiality ensured?
We have gone to great length to ensure your privacy and discretion. We do not mail any information, nor do we store, sell or transfer any client information other than to our own agents and affiliates, necessary for providing our services. Once in Prague what you do, where you go and with whom you wish to accompany you is at your own discretion. 

 What's the weather like in Prague?
Generally Prague is blessed with some of Europe's better weather. The city enjoys warm & beautiful, sunny days throughout the spring, summer, & fall. The winter is around 12c (50f ), but will a beautiful Russian girl and a real fireplace in your apartment to keep you as warm as toast...does it really matter?

 How do I make a reservation?
Pricing & Booking Information. Fill our our information form, & once we have the specific dates of interest, we will confirm whether the dates are available. Since flights are not included, you will need to email us with your flight schedules. You will be met at the airport by a representative for transfer to your luxury hotel, or private apartment.

 How early in advance do I need to book?
We recommend confirming your reservation 2 months in advance, if possible, particularly if you are limited to certain dates for travel. But regardless of your planned vacation itinerary we can in most cases accommodate you. If you suddenly get the urge to visit we are quite flexible for individual reservations and will do our best to fit you in. For private groups more advance notice is recommended.

 Does your package include airfare?
With clients flying in from all parts of the world we are not in the position to arrange your flight, but will, if requested, assist you obtaining the best fares. Please check with your travel agency or any online travel site for flight connections. We recommend, as its prices are generally the best on the web.

 What accommodations are available?
We offer and provide 2 types of accommodation. 1. You can choose to stay in a luxurious 4-star hotel in the center of Prague. 2. Or you may choose to have your own private, fully equipped central apartment. Said apt. units are limited, so book early. The hotel suite provides many amenities; daily maid service, prepared breakfast, restaurant, lounge and other services. Our hotel suites and apartments provide style, luxury, comfort and privacy, as well as unrestricted movement. ultimate freedom. You may also make your own lodging arrangements.

 Define "Adult Entertainment"?
Adult entertainment means, pleasurable, sexual companionship with beautiful women with the only limitations being your imagination. Must be at least 18 years of age.

 Do I have to tip?
Tipping or giving gifts is always at your discretion, but is never sought or expected.

 Are additional girls available?
Yes, you may enjoy as many girls as you like. All escort fees are priced per a 12 hour period, unless otherwise agreed with the escort.

 Are our girls healthy?
It is mandatory for our ladies to visit our prearranged clinics every 90 days. If they do not keep their appointment they are removed from our escort lists. Our ladies, while sexual, are sophisticated, educated and care about their health. To ensure your health (and that of our girls) safe sex, intercourse, is of course mandatory. Oral sex does not require a condom. Our gorgeous women provide a real girl friend experience!

 Do you offer packages for special occasions, groups, couples, etc.?
Special group & long stay rates are available. Please indicate your group's status, how many, male and/or females, on our booking form. We have many gorgeous bi sexual ladies available for you gents and couples desiring more eroticism.

Sharing our provided phone numbers with non-members.
Please note that all information of our guests is not be shared or provided to to anyone. We notify our agents, as well as our ladies of the names of all members and guests will be asked to identify themselves upon arrival. There are no refunds under any circumstances, but paid monies can be used for future vacations!

 Is it possible to pre-select an escort?
As that we book several hundred vacations a month, it is not always possible to ascertain that you will indeed be matched with any one companion. You will select your companions upon arrival. You may change or retain your companion everyday. As a member you may call and use the services of any/all of our posted ladies.

 Which girls will be available during my visit?
We retain a large number of international and local girls and are consistently hiring new girls.

 What are the girls like?
We travel the globe filming beauty and talent shows, posting ads in local papers & magazines for interviewing young college girls, etc. We do not hire drug addicts, women with children or others that may be belligerent or confrontational. We photograph and interview our girls extensively and select only the most beautiful, charming, sexual and personable applicants. Our girls are festive, graceful, well dressed, educated, sensual and well balanced.

 What can I expect from the girls?
Unlike many escorts and professional ladies, our girls set no limits to the intimacy of your experience treating you more as a lover, rather than a client. If you are looking to indulge in some kind of perverse sexual "fetish" than we are probably not the right place. The girls we work with are not "pros" in this field and most are simply gorgeous girls seeking to make a living while searching for romance and love. Any limits are totally set by you and your companion. If you are looking for a romantic and personal experience with these stunning girls then this is the right place for you. We work hard in providing ultimate sensual experiences, much more then just a sexual service, as you at your discretion will be sleeping with your girl, waking up with your girl, having breakfast, enjoying conversation, walks, dancing, activities and more. During your stay we highly recommend a romantic boat cruise down the river and a moonlight stroll.

 Are you allowed only one girl for the whole stay, or can you change everyday?
In all of our global vacations our guests can change or retain their companions daily. Simply call your personal guide and he will make the arrangements.

Are the posted photos the actual girls?
Yes the above photos are of the actual escorts, but we do add and remove some from time to time. Some of the ladies request that we blur their faces for personal privacy. If you do not like the girl you select, simply call your local guide.

 Can I stay extra days once I am there?
You can stay as long as you like, as long as you make your payment to our company. If you do choose to stay in one of our hotels or central apts. additional daily fees will apply and average $250+ US per day. Regardless of your schedule we will do our best to accommodate you, but please try to book as far in advance as possible.

 Do you have internet access at the hotel, & or apartments?
We have high-speed Internet access available in our apartments and in the hotels.

 Additional Costs?
Our Prague vacation is not all inclusive of dining, beverages and all additional expenditures for you or your companions are at your own expense. Our apartments are fully equipped for cooking and most of our ladies are quite at home in the kitchen. Our hotels offer fine dining in their restaurants and have fully stocked bars and lounges

 Are Passports, & Visas required?
A passport is required for all visitors outside the European Union. No Visa is required for European, American or Canadian citizens and most visitors are entitled to stay in Czech Republic for up to three-months.

 Where exactly is Prague?
Prague is in the Czech Republic and is their largest city. It borders Germany, Austria and Slovakia.

 How do charges appear on my statements?
You can pay your vacation fares and/or your $2000, 2 year, Gold Membership with a direct bank wire transfer  to our company account. Optional payment details will be forwarded upon request.

 Okay I'm ready, what is the next step?
Step 1: Email us with your details and we will reply with your fares and details for making the payment. Once paid you will have an open itinerary for scheduling your dates.

Step 2: Additional Payment options will be emailed upon request. Your membership payment will be confirmed within 48 hours of receipt.

Step 3: Schedule your Prague vacation at your own discretion and contact us with your itinerary and/or with questions.

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